Check in
• Children will be allowed to enter 15 minutes prior to service.
• Children cannot not bring any additional items with them ( toys, cups, ect. )
• A leader will be stationed:
• Donelson Campus: at the bottom of the stairs (entrance to GCKidz). If needed, we will set up second check in at the elevator entrance.
• Lebanon Campus: At Check in area in hallway.
• Childs temperature will be taken, no self check-in, the leader will check the child in if not pre-registered.
• Donelson Campus: The child will go up the stairs to meet with a second leader who will take them to wash/sanitize their hands and to their room.
• Lebanon Campus: The child will enter their respected room.
• Donelson Campus: The parent will be directed to through second café door entrance and to the sanctuary.

Check out
• Donelson Campus: Parents will wait at bottom of the stairs forming a line 6ft apart. We will use walkies to send for the child.
• Lebanon Campus: Parents will wait in hallway socially distanced until child's name is called from room.

• Sanitizing station will be set up in each room. Toys will not be out for play.
• We will eliminate small group activities and contact games. We will not allow any usage of materials across child to child.  Each item will be cleaned and returned to its original place following the use.
• Preschool (4 & 5 Yr) will have worship and lesson in their room, all chairs will be 6ft apart.
• 1-5th grade will gather in large room, chairs will be spread out. Worship and Lesson will be held together.

 • Prior, in-between and after services all rooms will be cleaned and sanitized
• All solid surfaces, including tables, , chairs, counters, doorknobs, light switches, and bathroom facilities (sinks, toilets, etc.).
• Clean all electronic items used, including computers, mice, keyboards, remotes for TVs/electronic devices, check-in label printers, tablets, or devices.
• Sweep, vacuum, or mop all floors and rugs to remove any dirt, crumbs, or trash from floors.
• Bag up all trash and place in the appropriate receptacle

We will make sure each service is fun, engaging, and fully covering our bible story and all aspects of our monthly topic.  For the parents that feel more comfortable with their child going into the sanctuary, we will continue handing out busy bags.