GC Tots Comeback
OPENS September!

Check in
● Register at Eventbrite- Labels will be preprinted
● Children will be allowed to enter 15 minutes prior to service.
● Children cannot not bring any additional toys with them.
● Childs temperature will be taken, no self check-in, the leader will check the child in if not pre-registered. We will wash or sanitize each child's hands upon arrival, depending on the age.
● If necessary, parents will be asked to stand 6ft apart while waiting to check in.

Check out
● Donelson Campus: Parents can form a line 6 ft apart against wall where kitchen is to  pick tots up.
● Lebanon Campus: Parents will form line at GC Kidz Check-in Station to have child's name called one at a time.

● Sanitizing station will be set up in each room (or check in station- dependent on campus location. Limited toys will not be out for play.
● We will place a container for dirty toys in rooms with babies, toddlers. Immediately put toys that have been in contact with a child’s face or mouth in this container so that it is removed from other children.
●Utilize more tables and attempt place less children at each table for table time, coloring etc. cleaning as we go  
●Attempt to sit children minimum of 6ft apart during worship and bible video.
●Snacks are given by scooping a cup out of a bin of goldfish, and juice boxes are served on a tray.  Volunteers will wear gloves while preparing snacks.

● Prior, in-between and after services all rooms will be cleaned and sanitized
●Clean or disinfect all solid surfaces
● Remove any cloth materials for laundering, including crib sheets, blankets.
● Clean or disinfect all supplies used, including markers, colored pencils, crayons. ect
● Clean or disinfect all toys, including plastic toys, metal toys, books/board books.
● Clean all electronic items used: remotes for TVs/electronic devices, check-in label printers, tablets, or devices.
● Sweep, vacuum,  all floors and rugs to remove any dirt, crumbs, or trash from floors.
● Dispose of any spoiled diapers immediately.
● Bag up all trash and place in the appropriate receptacle.
● Disinfect rugs where children have sat or played. - What does this entail? The kids will be playing all over the room...I suggest removing this. We already have the vacuuming and sweeping covered.
● Toys and supplies cleaned and put away to proper place.