Everyone has a story and GC Church is no exception.  In 2003  God was moving on Pastor Jerry Smith, about coming to Nashville.  Pastor Smith was a presiding Bishop over 80+ churches in the state of Kentucky and at the age of 60 was expecting to finish his labor in that capacity.  But God spoke and said He had a different scenario in mind.  He laid the city of Nashville on Pastor’s heart.


In 2003 Pastor Smith and his wife Joyce answered the call to the city of Nashville.  They moved to town with nothing but a word from God for the future, and a faith that God would do what He said.  Pastor Smith joined by his son, Pastor Barry Smith, and the entire family joined together in prayer seeking God’s direction. Through a series of divinely directed events they connected with the faithful few that were still gathering together.


The first service, showed an immediate increase with a huge crowd of 63 people, counting children, and any insects that were present.  The message was, “God Is Up To Something”.  Pastor Smith invited that small faith filled group to believe and follow God on an amazing journey.  The foundations were laid.  “Christ is our Passion, and People are our Purpose”, became and still is the guiding principle of GC Church.  Pastor Smith began to establish truths upon which the entire ministry is built.  GC Church would be forever known as, “A House of Grace and Mercy”. It would also be a house of “Stone”, not of, “Brick”.  Not everyone would be expected to look alike and think alike, but God would place people from different backgrounds, heritages, and races all together in a congregation that reflects the beauty and diversity of the Body of Christ.


Today, nearly 12 years later, GC Church is a church in 2 locations filled with approximately 1400 people and is multicultural, multinational, multi-denominational in makeup.  Led by lead Pastor Barry Smith, the church is filled with an awesome staff, leaders, and tons of volunteers to continue to further the Ministry Vision established.




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